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    Creative Facilitation

    Bring Your Meetings to Life: New dates coming soon


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    A whole new mindset

    Movement, surprise, emotion, engagement and fun...

  • (Level 1) Bring Your Meetings to Life

    The content of our two-day Bring Your Meetings to Life workshops



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    We show you simple action methods to connect people with each other that prepare the group for the work that matters.

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    There are lots of ways to share information and important content that helps people connect beyond listening to a presentation.

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    Ways to help a group prioritise and make decisions.

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    We show you how to deal with those difficult people and situations.

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    What to do when you don't know what to do. We share some principles that underpin the Creative Facilitation approach.

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    How to build in different types of reflection into any gathering.

  • Level Up! Keep Your Meetings Alive

    The content of our two-day Level Up! Keep Your Meetings Alive workshops

    (designed as a follow-up to Bring Your Meetings to Life)



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    Scene setting

    Sometimes a group doesn't know why they are there. Sometimes you don't either. We show you ways to quickly unearth what's going on.

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    Words and stories

    Good strategy, good thinking, good ideas start with good words. We share our favourite ways of using words to get to the heart of the matter.

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    Making and doing

    Using our hands and objects to enhance thinking

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    Ways to build connections with activities that rely on serendipity - and might be slightly absurd.

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    Ways to discover what might be going on for YOU!

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    Going to your learning edge. Taking others to their learning edge. Activities that at first confuse, then enlighten.

  • 7 things that make

    Creative Facilitation different

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    1. Training not-as-usual

    There is no manual or set agenda, no boring presentations. We demonstrate, and involve you, in ways of sharing information, revealing diverse opinions, exploring difficult topics, and having conversations about what matters. There is lots of time to try different approaches, learn from each other, share experiences, and reflect. And never fear, we do provide notes, links, and references for you to follow up afterwards.

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    2. The invisible facilitator

    At Creative Facilitation we believe the participants are at the centre of the action, not the facilitator.

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    3. Theory that matters

    We don't overwhelm you with theory and frameworks, but share our favourites and give you information on where to find out more.

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    4. Breaking the rules

    There are a lot of unspoken rules around facilitation. We explore what happens if you break these rules.

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    5. Being playful

    We play, metaphorically and figuratively - with ideas and processes. We learn about, and from, being playful - even with serious topics.

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    6. Learning from each other

    We know that our participants bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences. We give you time and ways to connect with, and learn from, each other.

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    7. It's not about making it easy

    We don't save our participants, making their challenges easy. We dive in with them to explore the complexity and messiness.

  • Who we are

    The people behind Creative Facilitation

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    Johnnie Moore

    Cambridge, UK

    Johnnie is founder of Unhurried Conversations and Creative Facilitation. He helps people connect and have the difficult conversations that make a difference.

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    Viv McWaters

    Melbourne, Australia

    Viv draws on her natural science and arts backgrounds to challenge people to have the confidence and ability to perform a head taller than usual - and to take risks that surprise and delight.

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    Lee Ryan

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Lee is a multi-talented experience designer who understands that the power of innovation is based on your ability to improvise.

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    David Matthew Prior

    New York, USA

    David is an executive coach training people in the mastery of people-centred coaching at Columbia University and across China, the USA, and Europe.

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    Chad Foulkes

    Melbourne, Australia

    Chad designs and facilitate projects and group processes that empowers people to engage deeply, learn together, collaborate more effectively and harness the collective genius of groups.

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    Margaret Foulkes

    Melbourne, Australia

    Margaret draws on her extensive experience in education to create workshops that are full of energy and creativity.

  • MELBOURNE (Victoria) Bookings

    (Level 1) Bring Your Meetings to Life

    28 & 29 August 2023

    Viv McWaters - Creative Facilitation and Margaret Foulkes - Liminal by Design

  • Melbourne Bookings

    (Level Up!) Keep Your Meetings Alive

    21 & 22 February 2023

    Pre-requisite: (level 1) Bring Your Meetings to Life workshop

    Viv McWaters - Creative Facilitation Margaret Foulkes - Liminal by Design

  • Cambridge Bookings

    Bring Your Meetings to Life

    13 and 14 June 2023

  • Locations

    Cambridge, UK; Melbourne, Australia; or you choose

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    Cambridge, UK

    Venue details to be confirmed

    A beautiful setting in which to learn

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    Melbourne, Australia

    The Larwill Studio

    A funky, creative, light-filled space.

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    You Choose

    We can come to you

    We'll work anywhere - except in rooms with no windows.

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